The Other Side is a crime novel born out of the charismatic weather, enchanting (and sometimes daunting) geography, and unique social fabric of Northwest Montana.

When a sweet, stable seventeen-year-old high school student abruptly disappears, the ensuing investigation probes dead-ends seemingly as deep as Flathead Lake—the geographic and investigative center of The Other Side. Her disappearance feels as unexpected to the residents of this valley as the sudden, violent appearance of a storm. As the search for Britany Rodgers gathers scant clues but slowly reveals evidence of a likely murder, albeit one missing a motive and a body and one that features a primary suspect resolute in his innocence, Detective Steven Wendell faces one empty trail after another. Wendell, unlike the girl for whom he searches, has never quite fit the expected norms of his peer group; meticulous, cerebral, a loner among team players, he has the distinction of being the oldest graduate of the Montana Police Academy after a first career of babysitting felons as a Probation and Parole officer. The investigation he leads takes readers into starkly contrasting lifestyles—inside spectacular lakefront mansions and within gritty, heroin-infused trailer parks—and into the lives of those who exhibit motivations as murky as the fog-choked Montana woods and mist-shrouded Flathead Lake bays. The Other Side offers readers a tense crime novel with a literary heart.